December 9, 2020
Opus Connect
A panel of seasoned M&A professionals share their insights, war stories, and successful strategies for tackling emerging risks in this ever-changing market. Speakers look at a multitude of factors as it relates to tariffs, diligence hot topics, and market risks, including interest rates, potential credit market deterioration and taxes, as well as transaction related embedded...
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Amp Up your Freight Brokerage
Rob Adams, Managing Partner at JGS Resources, describes how building your brokerage to “amp up your multiple” allows you to start building a business that operates with or without your daily input. Over-leveraged, customer concentration, deferred capex, or cash-basis financial statements? If your company is faced with any of these challenging circumstances, there is still...
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Panelists:Rob Adams, JGS ResourcesDavid A. Reitzel, Grant Thornton LLPDavid Schwebel, Swisslog Logistics  Moderator:Scott Y. Stuart, Esq., TMA Global
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Supply Chain Radio
Listen as Rob Adams discusses Jump Start 19 key takeaways and current issues on Supply Chain Now Radio, Episode 44. Supply Chain Now spotlights the best in all things Supply Chain: people, technologies, best practices, and critical issues of the day. With over 5 million downloads since May 2017, this podcast brings experts, leaders, and...
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About Us

JGS Resources provides transaction advisory services for the for the freight and waste logistics industries. Our leadership has completed over 110 transactions in these industries and brings exceptional execution experience to the process.