Supply Chain Now Radio

Supply Chain Radio

Listen as Rob Adams discusses Jump Start 19 key takeaways and current issues on Supply Chain Now Radio, Episode 44.

Supply Chain Now spotlights the best in all things Supply Chain: people, technologies, best practices, and critical issues of the day. With over 5 million downloads since May 2017, this podcast brings experts, leaders, and practitioners together to share perspective and insights on current issues impacting end-to-end Supply Chain Management.

This episode is hosted by Scott W. Luton, the founder of Supply Chain Now Radio and Managing Partner for TalentStream.

Featuring Rob Adams, Managing Partner for JGS Resources; and Michael D. Golden, partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP and member of the Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate, and Logistics and Transportation Practices.

With co-host Will Haraway, Founder & Lead Evangelist at Backbeat Marketing.